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Welcome to Lugoscapes' Tree & Plant Catalog

At Lugoscapes, we’ve joined forces with local tree and plant nurseries, along with our own stock plant and tree nursery, to bring you a curated selection of top-quality materials. From competitive pricing on various container sizes to the resilience of field-grown specimens, our catalog caters to all your landscaping needs. Whether you’re envisioning a small garden or a sprawling landscape, Lugoscapes handles all sizes of plant and tree materials, ensuring that your outdoor space reflects the beauty of nature in every detail. Choose Lugoscapes for a diverse and high-quality array of trees and plants that breathe life into your surroundings.

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Shade tree Catalog

Slash Pine Tree

Black Olive "Shady Lady"

Gumbo Limbo Tree

Royal Poinciana

Palm Tree Catalog

Single Adonidia “Christmas” Palm

Triple Alexander Palm

Triple Christmas Palm

Traveler Palm

Ornamental Catalog

"New River" Bougainvillea

Seminole Hibiscus


Weeping, Hibiscus Tree

Plant Catalog



Aechmea Zebrina Suprise

"False" Agave

Privacy Bushes Catalog

Clusia Guttifera

Areca Palm

Areca "Privacy & Tropical"

Podocarpus Privacy